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1/2″ Drive x 18″ Breaker Bar – Tekton SBH00218


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  • Long handle provides extended reach and the leverage to free rusted or stuck nuts and bolts
  • 230-Degree pivoting head lets you approach your work from any angle
  • No preset head positions means you can move fluidly around obstructions along your swing path
  • Sleek and simple handle design offers comfort and control in a variety of hand positions

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Available on backorder

1/2″ Drive x 18″ Breaker Bar – Tekton SBH00218

With a long handle and a 230-degree pivoting head, the TEKTON 1/2 inch drive x 18 inch Breaker bar gives you the leverage and flexibility to reach and break free rusted or stuck nuts and bolts.

230° Pivoting Head
Offering a continuous sweep through a usable 230° arc, the pivoting head lets you approach your work from any angle. Since there are no preset head positions, you can move fluidly around obstructions along the path of your handle swing. An internal spring controls the tension of the head, allowing it to hold its position while installing sockets and placing on fasteners.

Sleek, Comfortable Handle
We designed a sleek and simple handle that considers the many ways your hand interacts with the tool. It’s completely circular in cross section along its entire length, with a straight, non-tapering neck. The finger rings are generously sized, with pronounced interior edges for traction and control. Especially useful for a two-handed grip, the inside edge of the pommel is well-defined to keep your hands from slipping off the end of the handle, while its outer circumference is rounded, allowing you to comfortably apply as much force as needed.

Accurate Working Length
To be clear and consistent about the size of our breaker bars, we use the actual working length (center of drive tang to end of handle), not the overall length of the tool. This avoids any misleading overstatement of size or capability caused by the difference between these measurements.

Stronger External Head
The head, made of AISI 4140 steel and heat treated in a material-matched process, is stronger and more ductile than the handle. Designing the “fork” geometry into the head (an external head design) instead of into the handle (an internal head design) results in a stronger final product—one that better resists spreading, twisting, or fracturing in the fork.

Strong + Reliable
Our ratchets and breaker bars meet (and most far exceed) minimum industry standards for important baselines like Proof Torque, a measure of strength verified by a single-cycle test* that applies torque until the specified value is reached without failure or any permanent deformation.

*Both proof and fatigue torque specifications were approved by manufacturer on 8/8/2018

Item model number SBH00218
Size 1/2″ Drive x 18″
Torque 563 in-lb
Measurement System Metric
Included Components 1/2-Inch Drive x 18-Inch Breaker Bar

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Weight 1.021 kg


19.9 x 1.3 x 1.4in

Size: 1/2″ Drive x 18″
Torque: 563 in-lb
Measurement System: Metric
Included Components: 1/2-Inch Drive x 18-Inch Breaker Bar