20T Toe Jack Double Jack Set: 20 tons (40,000 lbs)


  • Low Profile: Grab under low clearance load with high strength thin toe.
  • Convenience: Quickly adjust the toe height to any starting position.
  • Protection: Trust in the precise lowering control for delicate operations.
  • Safeguard: Overload protection valve prevents damage to each jack.
  • Stability: Stable and safe support in any position with slide shoe design and swivel feet that adapt to available clearance.
  • Ease of Use: Tip & Roll for easy transport.
  • Adaptability: Use as stand-alone, use in combination with others or connect to remote pump for synchronous multiple jack operation.

$ 11,543.33

The Jung JH 20G Plus mobile toe jack has an integrated pump unit and can handle loads of up to 20 metric tons. Inside the guiding track is a slide shoe design that prevents the piston inside the lifting cylinder from being twisted. Because of this, there will be a better distribution of force, less friction and reduced wear in comparison to conventional jacks.

Due to its easy to change slide shoes and removable pump unit, maintenance costs are reduced when using the JH 20G Plus mobile toe jack. It is also very lightweight with high performance because of its high-quality material and innovative design. It comes with a forged steel toe that provides impact resistance. The load can be adjusted continuously because of its swiveling safety toe.

The JH 20G Plus has been inspected according to technical regulation DGUV V54 (German) and ANSI ⁄ ASME (USA).



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  • Toe Height with Toe at Bottom: 0.8″
  • Maximum Lift (Stroke): 7.5″
  • Toe Height at Highest Starting Point: 8.8″
  • Number of Toe Starting Positions: 5
  • Toe Depth (Usable): 2.6″ T
  • op Plate Height from Ground: 13.4″
  • External Dimensions (L x W): 16.7″ x 12.7″
  • Unit Weight: 132 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 20 Ton / 40,000 lbs