8.25R15 MICHELIN XZM INDUSTRIAL TL (153A5) INCLUDES mobile fitting and disposal


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The Michelin XZM is a radial materials-handling tyre that is produced for Industrial and Port applications. The Michelin XZM is highly robust and long-lasting, with a definite advantage in tyre life over cross ply and solid tyres. The radial casing drastically reduces vibration, which means that the Michelin XZM improves stability, protects the machine and provides exceptional operator comfort. The Michelin XZM tyres are tubeless tyres which can be fitted to tube-type rims with a Michelin Tubeless Bead Seal. The Tubeless Bead Seal is easy to fit and remove, and if the tyre is punctured it will lose air slowly instead of the rapid deflation experienced with tube-type assemblies.

$ 1,523.54

Available on backorder

Tyre Size 8.25R15
Width 8.25
Rim Diameter 15
Construction Radial


TT/TL TL – Runs Tubeless
Brand Michelin
MPN CAI110218
Pattern XZM Industrial