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Castrol Alpha SP 150 20L

CASTROL ALPHA SP gear oils are lubricants formulated from mineral base oil of high quality and extreme pressure additives, in base sulfur-phosphorus specially selected.

CASTROL ALPHA SP also contains antioxidant additives, anticorrosion and antifoaming.

CASTROL ALPHA SP is free of metals.

CASTROL ALPHA SP has a good thermal stability and an excellent oxidation resistance with good characteristics of demulsification and a low resistance to foaming.



$ 114.99


CASTROL ALPHA SP gear oils are recommended for all types of industrial enclosed gear drives, including worm gear units of steel and bronze.

They are specially selected for gears groups that operate with heavy or shock loads and are suitable for circulation systems. CASTROL ALPHA SP fluids satisfies specifications for gear oils such as Riduttori Bevini SpA, David Brown Gear Industries (Pty) Ltd, David Brown Special Products Ltd, Getriebebau Nord, Reynold Gears, Renk and other first category specifications. CASTROL ALPHA SP range has the following ISO viscosities 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680 and 1000.



  • Due to its extreme pressure additives, it protects against erosion and heavy sides, prolonging the components life.
  • Longer lubricant life, increasing the periods between changes.
  • Because of its rapid demulsibility it quickly separates the contaminant water.


It protects the gearbox both of the friction and of the corrosion

It’s compatible with the paints and connections that are commonly used