Firechief Economy Soft Case Fire Blanket


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This Firechief ‘Soft case’ blanket makes for a very straightforward and simple fire blanket design. The blanket is held in by a Velcro strap which releases when the blanket is pulled meaning it is very reliable and easy to operate. These soft packs contain the K100 cloth which is a coated glasscloth in a twill weave.

$ 51.20

Available on backorder

Economy soft case fire blanket.
Available in 4 diffeent sizes.
Kitemark certified to BSEN1869.
Screen printed soft PVC pack.
5 year warranty.

Technical Specification

Blanket Dimensions :
1x1m (SVB1/K40)
1.2×1.2m (SVB2/K40)
1.2×1.8m (SVB3/K40)
1.8×1.8m (SVB4/K40)
Certification : BSEN1869:1997
Cloth Description : K100 Silicone-Coated Glass Fibre
Weave : Twill



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1.8 x 1.8m

Blanket Dimensions:
1x1m (SVB1/K40)
1.2×1.2m (SVB2/K40)
1.2×1.8m (SVB3/K40)
1.8×1.8m (SVB4/K40)
Certification: BSEN1869:1997
Cloth Description: K100 Silicone-Coated Glass Fibre
Weave: Twill