MultiWare 4Pcs 150-500mm Podger Heel Pry Bar Set Crow Bar Slipper Foot Lever Tool Size: 150mm x 8mm (6 inch),300mm x 10mm (12 inch),400mm x 14mm (16 inch),500mm x 16mm (20 inch). 201.35

  • 12-inch Utility Pry Bar, double claw with end chisel nail puller, Made of Drop Forged and Heat-treated Alloy Steel, tough and easy to grip,suit for precision nail pulling ( Overall Length 300mm )
  • 8-inch End Cutting Pliers, Carpenter pincers for easy nail extraction for construction, floor installation etc, Made of High Carbon Steel for durability and prevent rusting. ( Overall Length 200mm )
  • 7-inch and 10-inch Flat Pry Bar, double claw with end of nail puller ( Overall Length 185mm and 260mm )
  • Polished, beveled claws allow precision nail pulling and prying
  • Corrosion-resistant black plated finish

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