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Rip-Claw Hammer, Fiberglass, Axe, 16oz


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  • Smooth Face style
  • Fiberglass Handle, shaped like an Axe
  • Durable Carbon Steel for material Head

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$ 25.58

Available on backorder

Rip-Claw Hammer, Fiberglass, Axe, 16oz

The Rip-Claw Hammer made of Fiberglass from Westward is ideal for all types of striking and pulling tasks. Claw hammers are commonly used for everyday purposes and for construction projects. These types of hammers weigh anywhere from 7 to 32 oz. The weight is derived from the head of the hammer only. The handle of a claw hammer is made from either wood, fiberglass or steel. If a claw hammer is laid down, it resembles the letter “T.” The handle is the long part of the “T,” while the top line of the “T” is the hammer’s head.

The main purposes of a claw hammer are to pound nails into wood or extract nails. One side of the hammer head is flat and is used for pounding. The other side of the hammer head contains a claw and is used for extracting nails out of surfaces such as wood. The claw side of the hammer head resembles the letter “V” which allows a nail to fit into it. The person using the hammer places the claw hammer with the claw around the nail and pulls up or down with the handle to extract the nail.

Higher priced hammers typically are built stronger with sturdier handles. Claw hammers are built using two pieces: the handle and the head. The two pieces are then attached. Other claw hammers are built and forged using only one piece. These types tend to be harder to break when using them.

Claw hammers are designed to be used with wood working projects. They are not built for metal projects. One type of claw hammer is called a framing hammer. This type is designed to reduce the number of strikes it takes to pound a nail into wood and contains a larger, heavier head.

Manufacturer Part Number: 6DWH6
Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty


Overall Length


Head Material: Carbon Steel
Handle: Fiberglass
Head Weight: 16oz
Face Dia.: 1-1/8in
Face: Smooth
Meets/Exceeds: ASME
Head Weight: 1lb