Yuasa NP24 – 12I Lead Acid Battery – 12V, 24Ah


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Yuasa Standard NP Range

The Yuasa NP Series batteries set the standard for quality and excellence in the field of rechargeable batteries. These high-quality batteries ensure that no electrolyte leakages occur from the case or terminals. The NP series range is almost maintenance-free with the perfectly sealed construction and the recombination of gases within the cell.


Why would you buy an NP Series Lead-Acid battery?

The NP series offers a unique electrolyte suspension system incorporating a microfine glass mat (AGM) to retain the maximum amount of electrolyte in the cells. The valve regulated design of this battery is equipped with a safe low-pressure venting system, which releases excess gases and automatically reseals should there be a build-up of gas within the battery due to overcharging


Terminal Types

• Faston
• M5, M6 threaded


Rechargeable 6V Options

• NP1.2-6RS: 1.2 Ah, RS stock no: 597-784
• NP10-6RS: N10 Ah, RS stock no: 597-790
• NP2.8-6RS: 2.8 Ah, RS stock no: 814-821
• NP4-6RS: 4 Ah, RS stock no: 815-329
• NP7-6RS: 7 Ah, RS stock no: 128-7359
• NP12-6L: 12 Ah, RS stock no: 180-9145
• NPL130-6IFR: 130 Ah, RS stock no: 410-1517


Rechargeable 12V Options

• NP1.2-12: 1.2 Ah, RS stock no: 597-807
• NP2.1-12: 2.1 Ah, RS stock no: 597-813
• NP7-12: 7 Ah, RS stock no: 597-835
• NP12-12: 12 Ah, RS stock no: 597-841
• NP24-12I: 24 Ah, RS stock no: 597-857
• NP38-12I: 38 Ah, RS stock no: 597-863
• NP2.3-12: 2.3 Ah, RS stock no: 128-7028
• NP65-12I: 65 Ah, RS stock no: 128-7393
• NP4-12: 4 Ah, RS stock no: 198-8068
• NP17-12I: 17 Ah, RS stock no: 200-6505
• NPH5-12: 5.1 Ah, RS stock no: 320-4508
• PE2.7-12 / NP2.7-12: 2.7 Ah, RS stock no: 511-3476
• NP10-12: 10 Ah, RS stock no: 410-1501


Typical Applications

It can be used in any orientation except in a continuous inverted position. Designed for industrial use as float or standby power applications such as;
Alarm systems
Communications equipment
Control equipment
Emergency lighting systems
Medical equipment
Solar power systems
Uninterruptible power supplies

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Attribute Value
Capacity 24Ah
Nominal Voltage 12V
Dimensions 166 x 175 x 125mm
Terminal Type M5
Construction AGM
Weight 9kg
Eurobat Classification 3 to 5 Years
Operating Temperature Range -20 → +60°C
Brand Range NP