Kronos IT-Tech Network Toolkit by QuickTrex Prt # QT-TK-TKV2

QuickTreX Electro-Tech toolkits are designed for real-world professional electricians, electronic technicians, premise networks, and low voltage and cabling installers. Our Electro-Tech toolkits have all of the tools that you’ll ever need and then some. Here are just a few points of interest Tool Case: The Artisan Series cases are great looking while being virtually indestructible, waterproof, and are engineered to last a lifetime. General Hand Tools: An amazing set of 27 different screwdrivers, and incredibly useful 58 Piece Ratchet and Driver Bit set that includes a flexible shaft, Professional electrical pliers, hammer, various wrenches, level, measuring tape, Fish Tape, 50-Ft x 1/8″, and much, much more. Datacomm Hand Tools: Professional Grade Crimpers, Termination tools, Wire Strippers, Wire and Kevlar Scissors, etc. Test and Trace: Cable tester with 8 remotes, Tone Generator, and Probe for tracing cables. Safety: Protective Eyewear, Work Gloves. Utility: Tool Pouch, Hat with magnification, jeweler’s loupe, parts jars, a high end LED flashlight, and the amazing Flashlight PAL.

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$ 1,443.90