PLT’s Projectile rescue 230 complete with lines.


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The PLT® Rescue 230 Basic contains all the necessary parts in order to meet the IMO SOLAS 74/96 regulation. There is no expiry-date which means it will stay on board for the life-time of your vessel. The R230 Projectile has installed 270 meters of line. The line has a breaking strength of 2000N (204kg).

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Available on backorder

If the air cylinder is filled up to 300 bars (4350 psi), it will supply the base unit with enough air to perform 6 max pressure launches. Charged to 200 bars (2900 psi), you will have 4 max pressure launches.

For filling to 300 bars (4350 psi), simply connect the air cylinder to a standard scuba diving (breathing air) compressor with standard 5/8″ threads according to DIN 477.
For filling from a 200-bar compressor, Art. No. 1308 Yoke (DIN477) and claw adapter 1315 is needed to connect the Air cylinder and compressor.

With a dry and clean line, the minimum launching distance is minimum 230 meters for the R 230 Projectile.


Product ID: Art. No. 2003 – PLT® Rescue 230 Basic

  • 1 Art. No. 1005 PLT® Launching Unit
  • 1 Art. No. 1303 Launching Tube Rescue 230
  • 4 Art. No. 2101 Projectile Rescue 230
  • 1 USB stick and User Manual



To comply with IMO SOLAS 74 regulation
Used for long distance transferring of messenger line from FPSO
Used for river rescue by rescue organizations
Used for ice rescue by rescue organizations
Used in sea rescue by rescue organizations
Used by power companies to transfer cabling
Used by some terminals to transfer mooring ropes long distance

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